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Chapter 21 21

Word Count: 1170    |    Released on: 23/04/2019

I was afraid, that at some point I will meet Amelia – Edmund's mother. I can't stop thinking about things she said to Edmund the other night. The bitter feeling still holds on to me.

From all the times, finally she has decided to talk to me, but unexpectedly, her words cut in my heart like sharp knifes. So odd to see such beautiful and rather kind face, which holds so deep grudge against me.

I have never wanted to get on her bad side. Now she has voiced loud and clearly her thoughts about me.

Amelia did not pay attention to me, she was looking into the distance, as if I did not exist. It felt odd, hearing her inner thoughts, those hidden inside for these long years.

"Don't say you are going to please and protect her too, Charles." She responded to a man who addressed her.

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