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Chapter 39 39
Word Count: 1009    |    Released on: 11/07/2019

I was afraid to face him. Spending night alone has made my fear of Edmund grow. Uncertain of his state after the last night. I was thinking over his uttered words, what they meant and what he had gone through, what changed him?

I know he has never wanted to be a king, rule this land. Take responsibility, which is put upon him against his will. He married me and it partly drew him back to the life he hated. I never asked him to be my husband. Totally satisfied my heart was just with Edmund's presence. I wished him happiness, I still do, with me or someone else. It was all that mattered to me. Like he said... He might have done a mistake...

The person who caused his temper to change knew what he is doing. Edmund's rage will destroy everything. And first to crumble will be his happiness.

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