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Chapter 28 28

Word Count: 1025    |    Released on: 29/05/2019

Everyone's mood at the breakfast table made air heavy, no one talked. Glances of annoyance traveled between the members of my family. It was a very rare occasion to see all of us together, but the feeling of tension suggested that no one was happy to see one another.

I and Edmund were the last ones to join. His mother and father had started their meals without us. Amelia's eyes were set on the fruit salad she had started. It was nothing new, as she never acknowledged me in these situations. I was just curious, why she turned to her old self, after clearly stating her dislike for me. My troubling heart calmed down.

"Good morning!" I said not waiting for a response from anybody.

Through the corner of my eye, I noticed Charles tilting his head and his dark eyes watching me.

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