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Chapter 42 : Escape!

Word Count: 1364    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

Fred was the first friendly face Brandi had seen since she’d arrived back at her father’s house. Her father had not been happy to see her and he’d taken her alleged failure with Zach personally. This was not how she’d thought this would pan out at all. Her father was keeping her locked in her cottage with men roaming the grounds around it.

She’d heard a shot but had no idea what happened, and none of the guards inside would tell her anything. Something told her it was Zach, but she didn’t want to think that way. She was too busy trying to figure a way out of there.

Fred had waltzed into her house and barked orders. “There’s been an intruder and Kent wants everyone over to the western part of the property. He was last seen there. The men scurried out.

“Is everything okay?” Brandi asked.

Fred grabbed her hand. “I’m getting you out of here.”

“You’ll blow your cover, Fred.”

“It’s fine. I’m past needing it, Brandi.”

As much as she wanted out of here and back to Zach, she wanted answers also. She knew she could trust Fred, but she still had questions. “What's going on?”

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