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Chapter 6 : Brandi Strikes Gold

Word Count: 1400    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

. She was eager to get to the office, but h

ndi,” Lau

wasn’t fully awake, or she would have aske

m getting

l shower and wedding invitations. All of the women she went to college w

elt a little left behind. Marriage and children would happen someday, but she wasn’t any closer to it tha

l be my maid o

idea, but Lauren was h

omplete with silly games and party favor

te because Todd just

oon as you know. I’ll

ever marry at this rate since she hadn’t gone on a date in, ugh, two years? Then her mind went to Zach and his great butt. No.

I’m sure that father of yo

working for, then she decided not to. Lauren would remember wh

goodbye. Shaking off her melancholy, sh

would explore that another day. She slipped into Zach’s office as easily as yesterday. Why didn’t

desk today. She looked around. Was this too easy or had Zach become

mixture of soap and man. She inhaled i

g with me? He

stared at the folder. Now that she possibly had evidence, why was she hesit

he read the top page. This was a building

f this was what she’d been looking for. The last page was a copy of a ledger. T

as nothing in the notes about why, but she could trace the bank transfers

e took pictures of every page. When she was on the last one,

mething plausible. Nothing came to her. She hadn’t heard the elevator d


hone, Miss Mars

, but still, no story came to her. This was her second day and she was

ough the phot


a few but

ll open in s

em to my phone. Besides, I have y

ck her phone

m yesterday. Zach pointed to what looked like a lig

my biggest competitor, this can b

re doing isn’t

hy was she thinking about his scent now? “That’s another issue, Miss Marsing. I’m not

you goin

door, Mis

oned for her to sit. “I’d ra

and chuckled. “It wo

emotions crossed his face, none of which could

call the police and have you perp-walked

than jail. She never should have underestimated Zach

und the desk to sit on the edge. “As I see it, I have some good black

ral scenarios until she came up with one that seemed the most obvious. He was a man of power.

that are all too eager to have me as a notch on their bedpost.” He straightened. “No. Thi

g jail. Her father would get her a great lawyer. It might be

lately think I was serious with them. I need a way to get them out of my hair. I also have a few

y bigger she wouldn’t fit in his office. Jail wa

to hear my pro

deal with your o

she was the first woman to say that to him

m choosing betwe

er go to

ted leaning forward in anticipation. He final



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