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Chapter 33 : Making Weekend Plans

Word Count: 1199    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

As smart as Brandi was about business and real estate, she wasn’t seeing the big picture when it came to her father’s situation. If Kent Marsing was just a bad or dirty businessman it would be one thing. Zach would worry less about Brandi and her crusade to bring down her father. Kent Marsing had brought in the Mafia. He’d chosen to do business with a powerful and criminal organization. That made the stakes even higher.

Brandi hadn’t even known what her father was doing, and Zach didn’t want to treat her like a child, but she needed protection. If he could get her out of town for a bit and distract her from giving any evidence to the FBI, then she might be safe.

Zach stared at her as she digested his plan to take a trip to see his mother. He’d like his mother to get a bead on Brandi anyway since he doubted he would want to part ways with her once this was over.

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