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Chapter 16 : How Hard Can It Be
Words Count: 1389    |    Released on:03/12/2021

Brandi was glad they spent the rest of the trip to the penthouse in silence. Her head was spinning slightly from the champagne. She wasn’t a huge drinker and she’d had more than usual this evening. She’d been wrapped up in the glitz of the evening, the fairy tale aspect of it and she’d lost her head.

She’d learned a lot about Zach tonight and she needed time to process it all.

The ride up in the elevator was silent, with Zach not looking at her. She was thankful for that as she’d thrown herself at him. That wasn’t like her. She usually kept her head about her and didn’t do rash things. Hopefully, she’d feel better in the morning. Her face went red at the thought of her actions. She just needed to be alone for a while.

“You should drink some water before you go to bed, Brandi,” Zach said when the elevator doors opened.

She followed him into the kitchen where he poured her a glass of water, then he left her there. She was happy for the moments to herself to reflect on what happened this evening. She’d made a fool of herself. That’s what had happened. “Oh, goodness.”

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