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Chapter 17 : Zach Refocusing

Word Count: 1286    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

When Zach woke the next morning, he was determined to get their bargain back on track. He tucked away any feelings that he may have and rose to begin his day. His heart would remain his own and he wouldn’t give it away to any woman, let alone Brandi Marsing. She represented even more of a threat than most because she’d been sent to spy on him.

Thinking they were in a real relationship would not only crush his soul but his company also. He could handle the former, but not the latter. He’d spent too much time and energy building his empire to have it taken down by one sexy woman.

Brandi without inhibitions would be fun. He could spend time and break down those walls she’d erected, but for what purpose? She was going to go back to her life when this was over. They weren’t real. She wasn’t going to marry him and that was okay. Marriage wasn’t in his plans because then he’d have to take time away from his company. Since he wasn’t looking for a bride, having fun with Brandi wouldn’t hinder anything.

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