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Chapter 4 : Brandi Snooping

Word Count: 1194    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

h or Kendra. Zach’s office wasn’t locked. With very little security, Brandi won

er father had layers of security and he was an honest man. This w

ice, there were windows on three sides of the building. The elevator was on the fourth wall,

er than the rest of the building, which she’d never noticed looking at it, or there was

why he isn’t worr

of his wrongdoing. She glanced at the elevator, but n

have anything here

a took up the wall that this room shared with the o

She opened the top drawer of the credenza and found what she

had lost out to Zach on this one. His bid had come in lower than her father’s and

ans of completed projects. “It’s like

ke Zach. These must be the legitimate jobs he did. Br

m. No drawers were locked, but he only had the sparsest collec

r office. “The key is wha

ing odd at first. It was an eclectic mix of business

suspicious. She had the Winnie the Pooh book in her hand as Zach step

de towa

among the business texts

her hand. “Snooping is

st looking at the book

’d crossed a line. Wait until he found out the lines she’d crossed to put him in jail. Zach held the b

fice, pausing at the door to glance at her. “You coming? Kendra will be in in a

eyes. She didn’t look away. He would eventually trust he

e?” he asked, sitti

I’m a tea

t ki

d him.



ped suit, white shirt, and a very colorful tie. The suit fit him better than any suit she’d ever seen fit a man. It shouldn

e Kendra. Tomorrow I’ll bring you tea and then w

kay. T

s of paper. “I’ve emailed these to both of y

r day would entail. “I’m goi

round and take notes. When you’ve spent a

actually take your

tension. She was relieved and shouldn’t be. She wasn’t here to date Zach. What he did on his personal time wa

ions?” Ken

ildings. She was surprised to see a house on the list

keep my hand in it. We can stop by and s

Zach rose.

some boots or sneakers on hand. Sometimes we’re goin

e a to

u in the outer office so you can put yo

y’s logo on it. When they were buckled in, she looke

at part of town

She wondered if he realized what she was doing earlier. She shouldn’t

n. She followed him with her company-issued phone and tablet, ready to t



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