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Chapter 3 : Pondering Brandi

Word Count: 1304    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

in a subtle way. Not his type at all, but man he’d like to taste that.

ames. This was the neighborhood he’d grown up in and sometimes he had to go back and remember whe

t the wood-carved bar when Zach walked in. He slapped

rstand your need

light hug. Zach sat down as

as I live and breathe,” Joe Muller said.

together. They didn’t keep in touch, but Zach loved this bar so when h

I get you?

ing on

or white zinfan

aire in here. He was the kid who made good and hadn’t lost touch with where he’d been raised

ng gym next door and he’d learned


nd went to p

ng,” De

and gold diggers were attracted to you like moths to a porch light. Zach wasn’t intere

r as someone pulled it out. Zach rolled his eyes

uy me a

l. Zach glanced her w

nds or someone who needed him to be arm candy. The two parties knew the rules. That didn’t fly as well h

ted. “Well, y

, I am,”

his attention to the fresh bee

hem like flies

ged. “It’s

don’t want whateve

found the woman. Ther

d be too stupid to

way, but I’m glad it’s working

r calling her that,

le girl of you

You’re keeping me from h

ll never guess who was in my offic

I’ll bi

di Ma

Isn’t she like

ent. He’d gone to dinner at the Marsing Mansion with Zach more t

had lit up the room when

up? “Oh? You seemed t

ng like a woman. I’m a man.

asking fo


nt her

stool. “No. I made

r and now he was coughing. Zac

ear you say you made her

knew his secrets. We all know he’s dirty. If I can prove it not only am I doin

you were such a

s a side benefit. I just wa

iring her as your ass

he’ll be working

maybe Marsing sent he

essful by being stupid. I’ve taken precautions. Or

angerous game, Zach. Marsin

r to find dirt on him. I k

ill trying to wrap my brain around Brandi Marsi

ould follow me around

be paid to fol

’m sure she doesn’t still have a

hat. I think you notic

ried too much. “I can do th

otice she was

wearing anything sexy, but it all fit her nicely. She had curves an

other than a wo

was out with anyone who wa

t wasn’t a model or an actr

eart,” Zach said faste

elling your

talk about Brandi

wife. You can go home to that empty penthous

as only half-finished. “I’

ome alone,

ed his interest. “Probably. Or I could g

ng about Brandi Marsi

o his penthouse that was in another building he owned and sighed. There were various women he co

about Brandi M

t to bed, by himself,



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