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Chapter 34 : A Bumpy Ride

Word Count: 1374    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

Brandi hadn’t flown on a jet in more than a year, during the last vacation she took, and she’d never flown on a private jet. The plane had ten seats on it. Zach and Brandi were the only occupants. If she understood him correctly, Zach’s company owned the plane, but he rented it out to others for use.

Zach had had an emergency and now it was Friday afternoon instead of the morning flight they’d planned.

The pilot greeted them as he climbed on. “We’ll be ready to go in fifteen minutes. Anyone need anything?”

“No, Jeff, we’re fine. Thanks. I know where everything is,” Zach said.

“What does he have to do? Doesn’t he just fly the plane?” Brandi asked.

“He has to check that there is nothing wrong with the plane. I walked around with him once.”

Of course, Zach would see anything as an opportunity to learn something and not treat the pilot as just an employee. Every interaction she watched, made her like him more and more. If she wasn’t careful, she’d lose her heart to Zach.

“What are you smiling at?” he asked.

She shrugged then looked out the window. “Nothing.”

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