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Chapter 39 : They Make a Plan

Word Count: 1363    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

Brandi was boneless from all of the lovemaking. Zach was inventive and creative and when they were naked, she might have been the only woman on the planet. She could understand why he was so successful. He went after every task with a dogged determination. She smiled as they lay in bed, remembering that she’d benefitted from that focus more than once.

Would he run screaming from the room if she told him she had feelings for him? Him falling in love with her hadn’t been part of any plan. Her falling in love with him had never entered her mind. She couldn’t imagine loving the man that her father had described. Too bad Zach wasn’t that man at all.

Her father had lied about so many things and she couldn’t let that sit. She couldn’t let him get away with it. Zach snoozed a little beside her, his body on the bed as if he’d fallen there after their last lovemaking session.

His head popped up. “I can hear you thinking.”

She laughed as she stretched. “Sorry to wake you.”

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