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Chapter 46 : Taken

Word Count: 1325    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

Things had been quiet for a few weeks and Zach assumed that the Mafia wasn’t going to target Brandi. He didn’t know what information her father had given to the FBI, but he hoped that he cleared his daughter of any wrongdoing.

He spent every waking moment with Brandi and still couldn’t get enough of her. He also broken ground on his house. He was finally going to build the house of his dreams. When he’d first purchased the land, the house had been some vague idea, but if Brandi was to be in his life, she deserved a house. They’d been out to the site a few more times before the construction equipment arrived and he had final plans that he wanted her approval on.

He was a man who didn’t do things halfway. When he knew real estate was where he would make his fortune, he chose to dominate the field. If he was going to be with Brandi, he was all in, which meant building a beautiful house they could live in.

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