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Chapter 23 : Brandi Has a Lot to Think About

Word Count: 1325    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

Brandi’s mouth went dry as she thought about Zach naked. She had no doubt he’d be an expert in bed. She refused to think about why he’d be an expert in bed because that would make her sad. She would just be one of many women that Zach had had sex with. A shiver went through her.

This was for her father, right? Queen and country, wasn’t that what people joked about? She felt dirty and she hadn’t even done anything yet. She was attracted to Zach so that wouldn’t be the problem. No, her concern was that she’d begun to like Zach. He was kind and sweet and she enjoyed his company. He knew she’d been sent to spy on him, but she was beginning to feel some loyalty to him.

Her father who had raised her should come first. The fact that he couldn’t tell her who he owed money to should be secondary, but it bothered her. She didn’t like that he was keeping that a secret. If she knew more she could help him better without spending nights in Zach’s bed.

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