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Chapter 40 : The Breakup

Word Count: 1286    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

Brandi let that settle into Zach’s brain for a moment. She knew he would balk, but if he just heard her out he’d understand it was the best way.

“Break up?”

Zach had gone a little pale and that made Brandi wonder if his feelings were a little more than he said they were. Her heart leaped and she stifled a smile because this titan of industry had wormed his way into her heart. She wasn’t ready to say it out loud. There was a small part of her that still believed he might be playing her, but she didn’t put much credence in that idea.

Zach had been nothing but a gentleman and had only taken their relationship to the physical level when she’d initiated it. He’d even said he had feelings for her, but he hadn’t illuminated how deep they were. She’d felt a change in how they’d had sex. It had been less about sex and more about connecting, which told her that he wasn’t lying about his feelings.

“Yes, Zach. If we aren’t broken up and I return to my apartment and my father’s company, he’ll be suspicious.”

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