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Chapter 9 : Zach's Good Taste

Word Count: 1357    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

The shop Zach brought Brandi to was one she’d never seen before now. It was a boutique and she wondered if it had enough stock for her to find something. She was short and some dresses just didn’t look good on her. She paused in the doorway.

“Is there a problem, Miss, er, Brandi,” Zach said behind her.

Brandi steeled herself, then walked in as if she frequented places like this all the time. “Everything is fine.”

A rail-thin woman came out of a back room. “Zachary.”

“Gianna,” Zach said.

He kissed both her cheeks and she smiled up at him. She had gray hair, slicked back from her face. “You are as handsome as ever. No woman has captured your heart?”

“None, but you, Gianna,” Zach said.

Brandi suspected that they went through this every time he visited. How many women had he outfitted? This made her step back from the situation in her mind. She was just another woman to him. This was a business arrangement.

Zach stepped away from Gianna and took Brandi’s hand in his. “None, until Brandi, here.”

Gianna turned her gaze and Brandi felt like a cow at a beef auction.

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