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Chapter 18 : The Ring

Word Count: 1495    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

Brandi returned to the office with all of the information that Zach needed. She handed him her tablet where she’d taken notes. As he looked at it, he smiled. “Thanks. This is great. Even more than I asked for.”

She settled on the chair opposite him a little relieved. Of course, she could do this, but to have positive feedback helped. “Good. Your secret meeting went well?”

He glanced at her over the tablet. “Yes, it did.”

“Does it pertain to what I’m doing?”

That eyebrow went up briefly. “No. Something else I’m working on. More personal.”

“Well, I am your fiance.”

“Yes, but we know that’s just a ruse so don’t push it, Brandi.”

He was right, but she was in a mood. She’d been sent on an errand to get her out of his hair. She didn’t like the feeling of being dismissed.

She watched as he typed something on his laptop. “What’s next?”

“I have to send the list to Kendra so she can call these contractors to get this done. You and I have a date.”


She studied him, his long fingers moving over the keys. “Just a minute.”

—— locked chapter ——
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