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Chapter 8 : Brandi Angrees
Words Count: 1243    |    Released on:03/12/2021

“Are we done here?” Zach asked.

“I want a time limit,” Brandi said.

“Okay. Three months. Then we can break up.”

“What are you telling Kendra?” Brandi asked.

“That’s between Kendra and me,” he said.

“It pertains to me.”

“Don’t push it, Miss Marsing.”

She rose. “You’re going to have to stop calling me that.”

He looked up at her in surprise. “What?”

“Miss Marsing. It implies a certain formality that two engaged people wouldn’t have,” Brandi said. She put her hands on his desk. “Say my name.”

He didn’t flinch, but one eyebrow twitched up. That was his tell that he was uncomfortable. She’d learned that during a heated game of Go Fish. This was a negotiation and he’d just given away something.

“Brandi, honey,” he said, his voice dripping with warmth and maybe a hint of sarcasm. “Can you leave me alone? I need to meet with Kendra. There should be a desk out there for you.”

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