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Chapter 20 : Zach Rethinks the Bargain
Words Count: 1333    |    Released on:03/12/2021

“If that’s what you need me to do, but I have a lot of discipline. I can see you naked and not do anything,” said Zach as he stood by her bed.

She shook her head. “But I can’t so thanks for tucking me in, but I’ll finish this.”

He was right and she shouldn’t have sex with him when she was drunk. He kissed her forehead and left her in bed. Alone.

A few minutes later, Zach stood in the doorway as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He could see Brandi shifting then settling under the covers. She hadn’t taken off her suit, but she’d probably do that eventually. He’d just wanted to check on her.

“You’re still there,” she said.

“Sorry. I was just making sure that you’re okay,” he said.

“I am.” She sat up. “I need to take off my jacket.”

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