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Chapter 5 : Zach is Suspicious

Word Count: 1228    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

le. It was key in being a successful negotiator. When he’d stepped off that e

eave alone. It had sentimental value and he wasn’t letting it get ruined.

nto the driveway of the

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he’d choose to live in and that’s what ma

went this far out of t

or for a friend. Let’s see

two-story foyer. Brandi’s eyes went all around the place. “Wow. Tha

y who is having it built. They di

handled her first day well so far, maybe he should test her some more. He wanted to see if she was serious or


w, not at all. That meant he needed to change some things. Lik

s this hands-o

. I didn’t get where I am by

ould have missed it if he hadn’t been staring

in a way. Not that she seemed to lack confidence, nor was she a shrinking violet. No, it

her shampoo or her body wash? He’d like to soap her up with that body wash. He shook himself. He had to remember she was

o, he wasn’t going to completely trust Brandi. A

bathroom. “It still needs

see if we can choose another one. Put on your punch list to have Kendra loo

tell K

and at the end of the day of

essional note-tak

n talk later about expanding your

st job in the fi

e what you can do and what yo

hatever you

urn away and she didn’t flinch at what was probably a predator

e their convers

a hands-

what she was doing to him. Zach cleared his throat. Lest he take her

s way. Sure he’d been attracted to many women in his time, but none had the innocence and conf

foyer. He didn’t look at her as he lo

. An office buildin

an’t seem to get plumbers out to do anything. If I w

some scotch and sat at his desk pondering his new hire. She was smart and beautiful which was a lethal combinatio

rival. He had no grounds to fire her but he could test her. He called h

in your drop ceiling.

is right now

y off

is head. “Sho

in a high-stakes business and I wanted t


set it


his phone. “You’ll see things with on a second delay. Th

d this for

but before he left, he put a folder on his desk. It would be too much to resist if Brandi had been sent here as a

artment here. That way he’d

ade himself some dinner. He pondered what he would do if Brandi fell in

mile on his face hoping he’d prove Brandi a

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