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Chapter 25 : The Dinner Seduction

Word Count: 1323    |    Released on: 03/12/2021

Brandi and Zach entered the fray of the after-work supermarket crowd. He looked around as if he’d never seen anything like it. She had a recipe on her phone and she gathered the ingredients while Zach pushed the cart.

“Does this happen every day?” he asked.

“Yes. You’ve never been?”

“No. I have food delivered or sometimes I employ a personal chef.”

“For someone so compassionate, you are out of touch with the regular person,” she said then realized that wouldn’t advance her goal of seducing him.

She wasn’t good at this. For a moment she wondered if she should bother then she remembered her father's debts. No, she had to do this.

“It’s more a matter of time. I’m focused on my business not everyday things,” he said.

“Understood.” Zach didn’t seem to take what she’d said as an insult so she dropped the subject. She looked at her list. “Chicken.”

“Buy the big pack of parts,” he said.

Brandi turned to him. “What? I thought you didn’t come to grocery stores?”

He shrugged. “I wasn’t always this rich.”

—— locked chapter ——
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