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Chapter 60 ~60 ~
Word Count: 1355    |    Released on: 04/05/2022

Ryder's POV


After walking around hand in hand, Jaden and I spotted an ice cream truck by the road side and went for it. We ordered for two vanilla with extra cherry at the top.

Before I could take out my wallet and and pay for it, Jaden already beat me to it as he quickly handed the lady a few bucks.

"Hey, I really wanted to pay for that. You have been spending for us all night?"I said with a little sad pout.

He gave a shrug, "I don't mind spending for us and besides, you did all the spending when we went out on a movie date last time so it's my turn"

"Alright" I told him with a smile and he reached out and pulled me closer to his side, his arms wrapped protectively across my shoulder while the other one held on to his ice cream comb.

I took a lick at mine and felt the flavor melt in my mouth. "Umm, This taste so good" I have moaned and commented.

Jaden gave with a questioning look before he answered with a nod and took a lick at his.

"You are right, this actually taste pretty good"

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