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Chapter 2 ~2 ~

Word Count: 1442    |    Released on: 10/11/2021

nt died in a car accident one night when they were on their way to pick Jasmine from a school camp

e and care for each other just as

feels she is the new boss of me. I'd kill an

er knowing. She was busy texting with her phone.

n remember and just last month. I decided to give her a taste of

add a label to us. I practically cringed at the

be tied to any girl for that

ng psycho plus she

hool that morning. I'm not exactly surprised given the fact that today

to find one empty and not occ

likely to eat up all the extra space without as muc

earlier than necessary. It would have being if the school system wasn't originally

to get their fair share of stress just as much as fun but first thing fir


r car pulling out of the parking lot._well, looks like today

ybe not

ction and knew i had to stepped on the accelerator

h trying to beat me to it but am not

ey still have a lot to l

rned and looked back at her because she too was a sop

beat them to it so don't make me look like the bad guy because that woul

e the child she really was not saying a single


ng it over my shoulder before

anner hanging over the schoo

made every time new freshman was

ancient old guard house with dotted glass windows. The building w

cuffing shoes and chattering voices as they

ding the hallway even as I made my

ded and kept shoulder bumping into other students while muttering apologies over a

friends in hushed voices while some just walked pass looking depr


apart from the fact that they were so da

tough they are and it's even more stupid how much shit people can get

ut that's how i see it but if you

he day until i finally made it to my first class

is my best buddy and also the only one dumb eno

best buddies, we could als


e it was obvious he was running late. Pr

at the head of the class and s

steward. It's good

Mr. Cole. Now, would you P

at her with a playful stare "this? Well I

y at her and she ga

!" I

ced it into my jacket but not be

is point kept tapping her fingers at the folder she came i

waiting for someone to come do it for her. After fiv

settled" she said. Her l

veryone shuffling around before settling down on thei

n and cleared

begin. A new student will be joining our class from t

ver that could be was just hanging aro

was exceptionally good at calculating formulas and mixing chemicals

my desk. My chin resting ag


ing his right arm and a few more peeking from under his

osely around the waist of his even dark

or a moment and I thought i saw something like recognition flash

fuck is

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