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Chapter 2 ~2 ~
Words Count: 1442    |    Released on:10/11/2021


Jasmine is my kid sister and also the only family member I have left in the entire world. Our parent died in a car accident one night when they were on their way to pick Jasmine from a school camping trip and ever since then it has being just me and her against the world and nothing in between.

Even though we fight a lot. We love and care for each other just as much and I pray it doesn't change.

She is still my little sister even though she feels she is the new boss of me. I'd kill anyone who tries to hurt her even a little bit.

I stole a quick glance at her direction without her knowing. She was busy texting with her phone. I bet she is communicating with one of her minions.

Her best friend Tia has been chasing my pant for as long as I can remember and just last month. I decided to give her a taste of Jaden Cole and ever since she hasn't stop coming back for more.

I need to get rid of her clingy ass before she add a label to us. I practically cringed at the thought of being Tia's anything but fuck buddy.

Not even in my dreams will I be tied to any girl for that matter and especially not her.

The girl is a fucking psycho plus she is just not my type.


There was no single space left in the parking lot when we made it to school that morning. I'm not exactly surprised given the fact that today was the beginning of a new session with a new set of freshman coming in.

It would have been a miracle to find one empty and not occupied by a barbie looking car.

These group of students are always so punctual and likely to eat up all the extra space without as much of a single thought for their late coming seniors.

I mean, who told them school year will become a lot easier if they show up in class earlier than necessary. It would have being if the school system wasn't originally designed to fuck us all up and make every single one of us, stressed induced beings.

Maybe someone has to tell them to take it easy because everyone is going to get their fair share of stress just as much as fun but first thing first, I need to stop worrying about these kids and get this vehicle parked.


Maybe all hope was not lost yet because I just noticed another car pulling out of the parking lot._well, looks like today is going to be my lucky day because that's my spot right there.

Shit!_maybe not so fast.

I noticed a pink Audi turning towards the same direction and knew i had to stepped on the accelerator a little bit more if I wanted to make it before them.

I bet they were still a bunch of frosh trying to beat me to it but am not going to give them that satisfaction.

Definitely not today!_they still have a lot to learn. Starting from now.

Jasmine had a look of disbelief in her eyes when I turned and looked back at her because she too was a sophomore even though she act like she knows all already.

"Don't be a hypocrite right now okay? It was a fair chance and I simply beat them to it so don't make me look like the bad guy because that would be totally unfair" I snapped at her and she rolled her eyes in return.

She unbuckled her seatbelt and stumped out like the child she really was not saying a single word even though her silence was word enough.


I got down with my bag and slung it over my shoulder before making my way into the building.

There was a purple welcome banner hanging over the school entrance when I got closer.

Principle Jones always had them made every time new freshman was to be admitted into the school.

Springfield High was a two story brick building that stood like an ancient old guard house with dotted glass windows. The building was extremely massive and one can easily get lost when not careful.

The hallway seemed so noisy as always with scuffing shoes and chattering voices as they moved along hurriedly in different directions.

There was a flood of students crowding the hallway even as I made my way further towards the classroom.

Some student were acting too timid and shy to actually look at where they were headed and kept shoulder bumping into other students while muttering apologies over and over again as if that would save them from being shoved aside by the crazy ones.

Many were clustered beside their lockers and speaking with their friends in hushed voices while some just walked pass looking depressed and nervous not to mention how much they oozed of hangovers.

Stupid sophomores!

Don't ask me how I know alright?because apart from the fact that they were so damn too obvious? I was once in their shoes.

People usually do stupid things when they are being forced to prove how tough they are and it's even more stupid how much shit people can get themselves into every single time, trying to prove that same toughness.

I don't know if you get my point but that's how i see it but if you can not see it my way then its okay.

I kept maneuvering my way through the chaos of the day until i finally made it to my first class in one piece and quickly settled into my desk.

My gaze darting around in search of Oliver. He is my best buddy and also the only one dumb enough to take advance chemistry just because I did.

I guess, since we were such best buddies, we could also do it in chemistry as well.

Crazy shit!

I pulled out my phone to text him because it was obvious he was running late. Probably overslept after last night hook up.

Mrs steward walked in and stood at the head of the class and stared at me with a raised brow.

"Good morning Mrs steward. It's good to see you today"

"It's good to see you too Mr. Cole. Now, would you Please put that phone away?"

I took a quick look at my phone and back at her with a playful stare "this? Well I was just about to put it away Mrs steward"

I chuckled awkwardly at her and she gave me a stern look.

"Okay!" I said.

I shot her a solemn look and placed it into my jacket but not before texting Oliver really quick.

Mrs steward who was no longer paying attention to me at this point kept tapping her fingers at the folder she came in with while glancing at the door like every single second.

I just wonder if she has graded our test already or waiting for someone to come do it for her. After five minutes, she turned her full attention on everyone.

"Alright class, let get settled" she said. Her lips forming a thin line.

The once noisy room began to slowly quiet down with everyone shuffling around before settling down on their desks and then turned towards the front to face her.

"So" she began and cleared her throat.

"I have a quick announcement to make before we fully begin. A new student will be joining our class from this moment onward and I will like you all to meet him"

She turned towards the door as if whoever that could be was just hanging around there and waiting to be called in.

I mean who is dumb enough to join our class at this point unless he was exceptionally good at calculating formulas and mixing chemicals to get a reaction that doesn't end in explosion and getting expelled.

I slouched a little bit on my desk. My chin resting against my fist in expectation.

This should be fun.

The door opened. A tall dark hair guy with tattoo trailing his right arm and a few more peeking from under his neck, walked into the room and had everyone awestruck.

His black leather jacket was wrapped loosely around the waist of his even darker ripped jean with a lay back attitude.

He looked up straight at my direction and our eyes met briefly for a moment and I thought i saw something like recognition flashed in them before it was quickly replaced with an impassive gaze.

Who the fuck is this guy?

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