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Chapter 39 ~39 ~
Word Count: 1521    |    Released on: 12/03/2022

Jaden's POV


I leaned back against the window watching as Ryder wipe another stray tears before sprinting off down the street and probably out of my life as well.

Another minute went by with me just standing there before i finally release my subdued sobbing and let the pain of the moment finally hit me, the force of a million dagger stabbing into my heart repeatedly, an intangible pain collapsing me to the pile of my own tears against the floor.

I fucking blew it this time, I really did and there is no forgiving me for what I have done this time but what choice do I have not to do it. It's either this or watch my ass get humiliated and suffer even more because of everything we had going on. Not that I regret any of it but stuffs happen and people can judge you not knowing which option you had to pick from.

I'm a fucking coward i know but letting him go is the best decision for me and everyone else. Pretty soon, he is going to get on with his life and go off to his band tour and forget any of this ever even happened. I will become a far off memory in his past just like it should be. A one time crazy adventure he was infatuated with and nothing else.

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