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Chapter 3 ~3 ~

Word Count: 1527    |    Released on: 10/11/2021

steward had replied as if she had read my thought or

livia wondering if she heard me but she was too hypnotize

and it was a

heir fake lashes at the sound of his name like little girls

ard seemed to be get


I mean, is our old grumpy teacher crushing on him too? Because that is

smiled a stupid one at them and they

o be the h

Mrs steward had turned to him with wh

efore sliding into one of the empty seat in front of me. H

brow at h

ing to read meaning into his attitude

hat mus

ll as your notebooks because we ar

hemistry in me died the moment Ryder fucking Smith walke

g proper use of it at the moment and it

y earlier thought right. He was exceptionally good or just a fucking

e e

oday. I will see you al


hem inside my bag and was about to hea

faced her. "Y

ere get to his next class and if p


e right now because I have a meeting with coach Mike b

take much of your time"

starting to develop some att

k I can pretty much find my own way around here just fine"

him then back at me

ou can go to you

you m

g and took off without wastin

to class, neither did

ope he i

l court when I noticed a figure walking beside m

n't tell me you can't find

ked his neck to the side. "I have a feel

s question. Was

ve noticed. Now

pushing it roughly into my chest. "I think this belongs to you and don't worry. You can tha


so fucking delusional but I got to hand it to him

with a mix of lavender and the longer I stood staring at that piercing on his


o I even want to smack hi

o calm my nerves befor

This wasn't a staring contest just in case anyone was wondering but I

to be around here is enemies if yo

ed him aside and walked away feeling like I just got rid of a bad omen. On

r calling at me even as I hurried a

ing you around too

be late" Coach Mike had dismissed everyone with that single spee

give the team a heads up abo

the most state championship winning. So, the earlier we

eaking of eating healthy and shit. My stomach began to grumbl

led with hungry students as always. Loud voices and soun

es at Oliver who showed up in scho

umping into his car and driving to school. It's

ivier because he never listens and I can't keep scho

intment. Coach has even threaten to kick him out of the team more than twice but th

nd sat down with our lunch except Oliver. His head was resting

if Ryder was somewhere around here as well._th

has los

hicken wings and fries while amusing myse

ies and he smacked him just about immediately.


efore shooting a glare at Nathan

own around here? Am tryin

t in peace bro. Especially not w

his head against the table in peac

in the cafeteria just seemed to have stopped talk


actly was

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