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Chapter 3 ~3 ~
Words Count: 1527    |    Released on:10/11/2021


"This is Ryder, Ryder Smith._your new class mate" Mrs. steward had replied as if she had read my thought or did I said that word out loud for everyone to hear me.

I took a quick sideways glance at the ginger bread hair Olivia wondering if she heard me but she was too hypnotized by the sight before her to even realized I said anything.

Maybe I didnt and it was all in my head.

Some of the girls at the front row just whimpered and bat their fake lashes at the sound of his name like little girls meeting their favorite celebrity crush for the first time.

Even Mrs grumpy Steward seemed to be getting affected as well.


Someone please hit me across the face because this can't be happening._I mean, is our old grumpy teacher crushing on him too? Because that is all I would ever need to make me give up on this female species for life.

Some unknown guy just walked in and smiled a stupid one at them and they start to act like a bunch of zombies?

This has to be the height of it.

"Go ahead and take a seat let begin" Mrs steward had turned to him with what looked like a sheepish little smile.

"Thank you Mrs steward" Ryder had given her a smug grin before sliding into one of the empty seat in front of me. He gave me a quick sideways glance before looking up ahead.

I cocked a brow at his reaction.

Did he just checked me out or am starting to read meaning into his attitude right now._maybe he likes my new Jordan.

Yeah!_that must be it.

"Take out your textbooks and as well as your notebooks because we are about to talk Organic chemistry"

The rest of the class pretty much ended in a blur. The chemistry in me died the moment Ryder fucking Smith walked in and got everyone acting like they have got no brains.

Even if they did, none of them was making proper use of it at the moment and it was starting to hurt my eyes pretty bad.

Ryder seemed to have an answer to all Mrs steward question proving my earlier thought right. He was exceptionally good or just a fucking show off but either way, am certain we are never going to be friends.

Like ever!.

"That will be all for today. I will see you all in the lab on Thursday"

Class was over.

I quickly packed my books and placed them inside my bag and was about to head out when I heard my name being called.

I turned and faced her. "Yes Mrs steward"

"I need you to help Mister Smith here get to his next class and if possible help him settle in as well"


"I'm sorry Mrs steward but I can't be of help to anyone right now because I have a meeting with coach Mike back at the gym and I can't be late" I ended with a pout.

"C'mon Mr. Cole. It won't take much of your time" she replied with a scowl.

Well, looks like someone is starting to develop some attitude problem and it's not me.

"It's fine Mrs steward. Thank you for your help but I think I can pretty much find my own way around here just fine" Ryder had responded before I could think of another excuse.

She raised a brow at him then back at me with a dramatic huff.

"Alright fine. You can go to your coach meeting"

"Thank you ma'am."

I adjusted the strap of my bag and took off without wasting another breath and head out.

Oliver never made it to class, neither did he care to text me back.

I just hope he is alright.

I kept walking in the direction of the basketball court when I noticed a figure walking beside me. I came to a stop and turned around to face him.

"What do you want Ryder. Don't tell me you can't find your way around here anymore"

He simply scoffed at my question and cocked his neck to the side. "I have a feeling you don't like me very much do you?"

I scoffed at his question. Was it that obvious?

"I'm glad you have noticed. Now what do you want?"

I watched him bite at his lip ring slightly and pulled out my textbook from his bag before pushing it roughly into my chest. "I think this belongs to you and don't worry. You can thank me later after your meeting because you and I are gonna be great friends if not partners"


What the fuck is he talking about?partners? He is so fucking delusional but I got to hand it to him though. He seem pretty confident for a new student.

I took hold of my book and stepped closer to him. He smelt like hot summer air with a mix of lavender and the longer I stood staring at that piercing on his lip while he bite playfully at it, the closer am to smacking him really hard.


Smack him?_why the hell do I even want to smack him and better still where?

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves before looking at him again.

He has pretty green orbs for eyes and it was staring right back at me. This wasn't a staring contest just in case anyone was wondering but I wanted him to understand every fucking thing I was about to tell him.

"The only thing you and I are going to be around here is enemies if you don't stay the fuck away from me"

I watched his brows furrowed slightly in confusion before I literally shoved him aside and walked away feeling like I just got rid of a bad omen. Only problem is, I didn't because I could still hear his voice calling at me.

"See you around Jaden" I heard Ryder calling at me even as I hurried away towards the opposite direction.

I bet I will be seeing you around too Ryder fucking Smith.


"That will be it for now. I will see you all at 5pm. Try not to be late" Coach Mike had dismissed everyone with that single speech and everyone just got up on their feet and began to head out.

Turned out, he just wanted to give the team a heads up about our new practice schedule.

We were about to go head to head against the school with the most state championship winning. So, the earlier we stepped up our game, the better our chances of winning.

Staying fit and healthy was essential for the team growth. Speaking of eating healthy and shit. My stomach began to grumble uncomfortably as we made our way out of the basketball court.

It was already lunch break. The school cafeteria was filled with hungry students as always. Loud voices and sound of trays hitting table seem like the other of the day.

Nathan and Noah kept throwing shades at Oliver who showed up in school later that day looking like shit.

I doubt if he even remembered to shower before jumping into his car and driving to school. It's even a miracle, he made it to school in one piece.

Too much drugs is not good for anyone but not for Olivier because he never listens and I can't keep schooling him about it. We are friends not his therapist.

His parent has paid tons of money for that shit but he hardly shows up for his appointment. Coach has even threaten to kick him out of the team more than twice but that hasn't stopped him either. Maybe for a few days but not long enough to keep clean.

We made it to our table, right in the middle of the cafeteria and sat down with our lunch except Oliver. His head was resting against the table while the rest of us just kept chatting away.

A single thought crossed my mind and I wondered if Ryder was somewhere around here as well._throwing a few glance around, I realized he wasn't.

Maybe he has lost his way.

Anyways, I continued to bite down at my chicken wings and fries while amusing myself with the ongoing of our follow students.

Noah reached out and picked one of Nathan's fries and he smacked him just about immediately. Only problem is, it wasn't Nathan but Oliver.


Oliver let out a throaty groan before shooting a glare at Nathan whose hands was up in surrender.

"Can you please keep it down around here? Am trying to catch some sleep man"

"I doubt you are going to do that in peace bro. Especially not with all the ruckus going on here"

Oliver just went back to resting his head against the table in peace while we continued with our lunch.

We were still talking about practice when everyone in the cafeteria just seemed to have stopped talking at the same time with their gaze trained at us.

Or is it something behind us.

What's exactly was going on?.

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