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Chapter 64 ~64 ~
Word Count: 1887    |    Released on: 13/05/2022


Thirty minutes later, we arrived back in school and at the venue where the party is being held. Finally arriving in school came with a different kind of headache. I mean, aside from posing for a compulsory photo session at the entrance with awkward position with a bunch of people I might not be seeing again for the rest of my life, I also had to deal with my sister clingy ass who is still holding onto my boyfriend's arm as if he is the only lifejacket in a middle of a sinking ship.

This particular scene kind of remind me of the first time I saw them together and even though I was convinced Ryder was the one swooning all over her, now I know my sister is the nosy house fly that won't go away and leave us alone.

I mean, where the fuck is her prom date for crying out loud. If Oliver doesn't find and take her soon, I will be forced to do something my side.

Ryder on the other hand seem to be enjoying this way too much as he was gladly going with whatever the fuck she want without a single consideration for me.

After what seem like forever, we finally went inside the building. Loud music was blasting from the speakers, people were dancing in and out of rhythm all at once with fancy clothes and matching attires with their prom date.

Funny how some had to bring their parent as date and end up acting socially awkward. The embarrassment they will end up feeling at the end of the day is enough to earn them a fucking medal.

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