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Chapter 31 ~31 ~
Word Count: 1762    |    Released on: 19/02/2022

Jaden's POV

I barely slept a wink throughout the night and jumped out of bed the next morning and into the shower to get ready for school.

Ryder didn't call or text me back. I wasn't surprised though but I was somehow hoping he would but he didn't.

Once i was done getting dressed, i hurried off to school and went in search of Ryder but couldn't find him anywhere. He didn't show up in class nor at lunch not to mentioned at practice.

No one seems to know his where about either. It as if he fucking disappeared into thin air like he was never even here.

I thought about asking Mrs. Steward if she knew where I could maybe find him since they happen to know each other but decided against it at the very last minute.

The last thing I needed is to answer awkward questions about why am looking for him when it's not even school related.

That day pretty much went and ended in slow motion with absolutely everything making less or no sense at all.

I got back home and found Jasmine in the living room. She seem busy with her laptop. I got closer and cleared my throat slightly and she looked away from her laptop and back at me.

"Are you busy?"

She rolled her eyes at my question. It's obvious she is busy and am just being lame.

"Yes obviously. Why are you asking?"

"Um, nothing. Just wondering how your date with Ryder went last night"

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