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Chapter 22 ~22 ~
Word Count: 1593    |    Released on: 17/01/2022


I hurried over to the bed without a word and pulled Jasmine off him, which also send her rolling to the other side of the bed with a loud yelp.

I quickly jumped on Ryder and landed a clean punch to his jaw before he could even think to say or do anything else to stop me.

"How dare you touch my sister" I yelled and punched him even harder.

"Stop it Jaden, what are you doing?you are going to kill him" Jasmine began to scream at me to stop while trying to get me off Ryder but I wouldn't budge. In fact, It only made me even more angrier and i landed another punch to his jawline and another to his nose.

"I told you to stay the fuck away from my sister, didn't I?" I sneered at him through gritted teeth only to have the corner of his lips pulling up in a twisted little smile.

What's so fucking funny?

Is he freaking insane or what? Ryder seemed totally not bothered by my actions. I mean, not even one bit. Apart from the stupid smile on his face, he seem less concern with my snarling, causing more blood to rush through my veins in total annoyance.

"Let him go Jaden, it's not his damn fault"

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