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Chapter 15 ~15 ~
Words Count: 1578    |    Released on:18/12/2021


"Open the damn door Jaden" I heard my sister very annoying voice from the other side of my door and I grudgingly turned on my side wondering what the heck she wants from me.

It was almost midnight when I glance at the table clock seating on my desk and groaned into my pillow in total frustration.

"Go away Jasmine. I'm trying to catch some sleep here" I called back, hoping it's enough to send her away but her next outburst got me jumping out of bed and running straight to my door to unlock it.

"Open the damn door or Ryder is sleeping in my bed tonight"

Fucking hell.

I pulled the door open and found Ryder leaning against the door way with a passive gaze while Jasmine on the other hand, stood staring at me with a satisfied grin plastered on her face.

Argh, the little devil.

Before I could slam her with questions, she pushed past me and began to walk further into my room with Ryder following closely from behind.

I quickly stepped in between, halting them both in their next hasty steps.

"Whoa whoa, what the fuck is going on?"

She gave me the ugly glare with a snort, "well, it's a good thing you decided to open up because Ryder here needs a place to crash tonight"

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