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Chapter 45 ~45 ~
Word Count: 1753    |    Released on: 22/03/2022


Am I overreacting right now or that kids is really trying to get in another dude pant behind Ryder's back. Aren't those two like together now or I just thought and saw wrong.

Maybe am wrong but what if am not and he is just using Ryder to get in his bed. I coil my fist tightly under the booth table getting more irritated by their annoying giggling right in front of me even though his back was turned towards our direction.

I continued to watch him with ice cold eyes as he reached over and whisper into the other kid ear before getting up and heading towards the restroom.

"Babe? You're not paying attention" Tia voice snapped at me.

"Ugh, I have to go to the bathroom really quickly, excuse me" I stand up and shuffle past the waitress, Tia angry huff the last thing I heard as I exit into the restroom and after blue hair with the intention of breaking his stupid face if I find out he was cheating on Ryder.

My Ry.

I walked right into the restroom and found him easing himself into the toilet, his head thrown back in bliss as he continue to let out all the tension in his bladder.

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