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Chapter 38 ~38 ~
Word Count: 1679    |    Released on: 08/03/2022

Ryder's POV


I had no idea where I was headed at the moment but one thing was absolutely certain for me at this point. I need to get as far away from Jaden as I possibly could or I might be tempted to call him out in front of everyone else.

He didn't just hurt me with his words but he fucking broke me with his actions as well as his stupid lies.

I thought we really had something beautiful going on between us. Something I thought could only get stronger with each passing moment spent together because they was a fucking connection but I was so wrong.

Gosh, I was so damn wrong about everything. It was obvious i was the only one with the tickling butterflies in my stomach. The only one who dreamt about a possible future that has both of us in it. The only freaking one who thought the feeling was so mutual and could last for ever but now I know it was nothing but a stupid experiment to him.

A fucking mistake.

Another tears threaten to fall and I let it slip away, just like everything else in my life right now. He fucking picked slutty Tia over me.


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