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Chapter 8 ~8 ~
Words Count: 1475    |    Released on:14/11/2021


I took a deep breath.

With both my hands anchored against my waist lazily, I took another sharp intake of breath and filled my lungs with the much needed air and exhaled slowly through my mouth.

The clock was ticking away by the second. Two more throw in through the hoop basket and we can call it a day and go home and rest. My team and i have been at it since an hour already and coach Mike is still looking to drill us some more.

I took a quick glance at the game clock and realized four minutes was all that was left in this half before he blows the final whistle.

We were drawn out into two opposing teams and we are at a draw at this point and after this half time is exhausted, we'd head over to extra time and battle it out some more.

Ryder happens to be in my team for today drill and he and I have been able to keep a level head through out the game so far even though it seem pretty impossible from the very beginning when coach mike suggested it.

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