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Chapter 54 ~54 ~
Word Count: 1749    |    Released on: 12/04/2022

Ryder's POV


It's really painful how Jaden never ever consider making the right decision when it comes to me or himself because if he is, then his decision won't always be about others. Putting their happiness first, maintaining his perfect image for them, just so they can love and accept him.

He'd throw everything good in his life away for their comfort even if it causes him so much pain and discomfort. That's exactly how much he is willing to get hurt for the people who doesn't give a fuck about him, so they can see the perfect boy that's Jaden Cole. The star boy who is the basketball captain. The one who can get any girl with his charming smile. Heck, he even got Tia to show off he is really good at it.

Why am I saying all these?,I'm hurt alright. I have been hurt deeply and i'm not talking about the pain in my flesh. I'm talking about the one in my heart. The one caused by a certain boy named Jaden Cole. He is the reason that is making me vent so much.

When I woke up to his presence by my bed that day. I thought he was back for good but then again, he had to prove he is still as confused as ever and can't be predicted. Why he even came in the first place is still a mystery to me. I guess i would never find out why because he left before I could see or talk to him.

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