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Chapter 20 ~20 ~
Words Count: 1123    |    Released on:09/01/2022


"I don't know about you guys but am sure we are totally gonna win this match" Nathan said with almost certainty before taking a quick bite out of his chicken and salad sandwich.

It was lunch time and we were all seated at our usual table back at the cafeteria. Everyone was eating and chatting about the previous basketball practice except me. I was barely touching my food as well as not contributing to the group conversation.

I was completely deep in my own thought and staring blanks at everyone else.

Noah gave a small nod in agreement at Nathan's direction, "you're right bro. We have everything it takes to really win this one" he paused and turned to look at me.

"What do you say captain?"

I answered with a careless shrug and just leaned back down with a sigh, my elbow placed against the table.

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