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Chapter 25 ~25 ~
Word Count: 1688    |    Released on: 17/02/2022


Thirty minutes into the movie and my breathing pattern had changed drastically. Everything turned out to be just as bloody reminding me so much of the night my parent had that car crash.

I need to get out of there before I loose my mind and start panicking.

As though he could hear my inner thought, I felt Ryder's arm around me tighten a little bit and I inhaled a shaky breath, trying my damn hardest not to look like a nancy even though I was already loosing my cool.

I jumped out of my seat when I couldn't stand the sight of the antagonist chainsaw slashing through its victim flesh, my feet running towards the door, with Ryder closely behind me in pursue.

"Jaden, wait up man"

I pushed the door open and ran straight into the lobby not stopping for a second until I made it outside the building before coming to a stop, my breath getting hitched in my lungs painfully.

I can't breath.

Ryder found me bend over and trying to catch my breath and he reached over and took me into his arms gently and I let him.

"I'm so sorry man, I didn't realized it was going to be that bloody" he began to mutter at me as he held me close, his arms completely wrapped around my form.

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