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Chapter 36 ~36 ~
Word Count: 1109    |    Released on: 03/03/2022

Jaden's POV


Ryder climbed into the bed beside me and I breathe a sigh of utter relief. His eyes flick up to meet mine, his green orbs filled with glee as he pulls me into a hug, the smell of cigarette mixed with his cologne hitting my nostril almost immediately.

"I have missed you" he whispered quietly into my ears, tucking my head into his chest more.

I sighed in deeply, my arms grabbed tightly around him. "I have missed you too Ry"

The name Ry rolling off the tip of my tongue so effortlessly and loving every bit of it.

Ryder pulled back a little to look at my face, his alluring orbs staring right back, enticing me into a hypnotized gaze, his hungry eyes running up and down my face for what seem like forever, just scanning, his charming smile sending hot tingles down my spine and leaving me vulnerable in my own skin.

—— locked chapter ——
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