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Chapter 19 ~19 ~
Words Count: 1196    |    Released on:06/01/2022

I jerked awake the next morning with a slight headache and quickly got myself in a sitting position. I rubbed my forehead for a little bit with a deep sigh because I was somehow hoping for Ryder to be gone by the time I wake up so I don't have to face him but I wasn't so lucky with my wishful thinking.

Ryder was still coiled up and very much sound asleep on the floor when I turned on my side and stared at his direction.

I groaned and lay back down,and immediately began to think up something useful before he stirred awake and remembers everything.

Heck, I'm not ready to listen to anything he has to say. Best way is to shut him up if he trail towards that direction.

I laid there for another couple of minute before I turned and glanced at the table clock and it was 6:30am.


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