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Chapter 18 ~18 ~
Words Count: 1450    |    Released on:05/01/2022


I kept moving from side to side in an attempt to stay out of a lot of people way, especially the drunk and staggering ones as we continued to make our way through the sea of bodies cramped up in the dance floor.

I craned my neck as we ascended the stair way,widely staring at the fancy decoration across the house getting stepped on by some crazy drunk ass kids as we went up in search of Oliver.

We arrived at the passage way and she staggered towards the second door to the left and pushed it open and I quickly stepped inside, totally ready to drag Oliver out on first sight but got the shock of my life when my searching eyes fell on none other than Ryder fucking Smith.

He was seated at the corner with a fat ass looking barbie attached to his lap and swapping spit.

At first glance, I thought I was confusing Oliver for Ryder because for one, he was the last person I was expecting to find over here because last time I checked, he was supposed to be at his stupid band practice not exchanging saliva with a girl at a party.

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