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Chapter 67 ~The babies ~
Word Count: 1730    |    Released on: 18/05/2022

Jaden's POV

*one year later*

"Congratulations guys, you two are about to become parents" My sister said excitedly, her eyes darting between Ryder and me as we eat Lunch together.

Ryder and I decided to get a new place soon after we got married. Especially now that our babies have been born. After careful consideration, we decided to option for surrogacy and so far, everything went well with the insemination process and the result came out that we were having twins and ever since we have been anticipating their arrival which would be any time soon.

We are already done with our nursery classes on how to be new parents and all and so far, we have both been dedicated to learning everything there is to know.

Ryder took a slurping sip from his coffee before replying her. "We can't wait to meet them" he said with a smile at my direction and I wink at him.

"I hope your classes more than taught you parenting is going to be much more than changing diapers and making bottles because if not, you two will have to pay me for extra childcare because it's also going to get really messy around here and pretty loud too" she said matter of fact with a grimace.

I thought about her point and know she is telling the truth since she is already a mother of one but still, I'm not going to pay her to look after my kids.

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