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Chapter 43 ~43 ~
Word Count: 1343    |    Released on: 17/03/2022


I hurried inside and grab my keys from the counter and met Simon at the bottom of the stairs on my way out.

"It's good that you are here Sir Ryder, i was about to call you. Your friend was just here looking for you. I told him he can wait for you in the living room but he insisted that it was fine to just wait outside. If you didn't see him on your way in then i think you might have missed him only by a minute or two"

I sighed at his words, my shoulders slouched, "Did he say what he wanted?"

"No but I think he wanted to talk to you about something urgent, maybe you should give him a call?"

"It's fine. I will just go to him and see what he needs"

He gave a small nod in reply and I took off towards the front door yet again in obvious pursue of Jaden even though I told myself never to do it again but one look at him and here I go again, chasing right after him like a lost puppy.

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