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Chapter 11 ~11 ~
Words Count: 1747    |    Released on:23/11/2021


"Where did you get this?"

"Do you like it? I got one for myself too" he pulled out another one from his back pocket and showed it to me and my jaw only clenched tightly in anger.

"That's not the fucking question Ryder. I asked where you got this stupid bandana in my hand" I more than yelled at him in frustration and he just took a step back with his hands up in total surrender.

"Calm down man, I got it in the store down the street. I saw it and thought you might like it"

I quickly threw the piece of clothe back at him but it landed on the floor. Right beside his foot "Take it back. I don't want it"

Ryder bent over and picked it up but instead of getting mad at my reaction, he just click his tongue with the shake of his head.

"You know it's rude to reject a gift when someone give them to you from their heart right?"

"Get out right now alright? Just go and take your stupid gift with you" I tried to shove him but he quickly stepped out of my reach, amusement playing in his eyes.

Fucking hell. I can't even get him angry. He is a freaking clown.

"Whoa Jaden. You need to calm down alright? We still have lesson to attend to. It's okay if you don't like my gift. I will take it back"

"Fine. Take it back and get out of my room. Wait outside or in the living room. I will meet you there. Now go, get out"

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