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Chapter 16 ~16 ~
Words Count: 1575    |    Released on:19/12/2021


I woke up the next morning with a loud yawn and gave a full body stretch out before my eyes darted out to the floor when I remembered the event from last night only to realize, Ryder was already gone.

It was just 6:30am by the way and still too early to be out and going without making a sound.

The blanket and the clothes I lend him were neatly folded and placed on the arm chair in front of my desk, right here I would see them.

I took a deep sigh and lay back in bed for another minute or two before getting up to go brush my teeth and shower and get ready for school.

Pulling out a pair of dark Jean and white shirt from the wardrobe, I lined them carefully on the bed beside my sport Jersey before strolling into the bathroom to shower up. I bet Jasmine was still coiled up in bed no doubt. I thought about going over to wake her up but decided against it. I mean, if her alarm can't do it successfully then I doubt I could.

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