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Chapter 44 ~44~
Word Count: 1544    |    Released on: 22/03/2022

Jaden's POV


My face was still pressed firmly against the soft spot beneath me as I continued to snore away. Falling deeper and deeper into my slumber.

I groan in my sleep as someone shakes my shoulder a little roughly.

I reached out a hand and swat their hands away hoping they would just disappear and leave me the hell alone to sleep in peace but none of that seem to be happening any time soon as I was suddenly punched in the shoulder, followed by my sister's high pitch voice yelling out my name.

Fucking hell.

I groaned even louder and tried to roll over on my side but found myself flying through the air before my back landed on the ground hard with a thud.

I gave another grunt under my breath and inhaled slowly as the sudden attack of pain continue to stink my back before it subsided and i prey my eyes open but instead of my room greeting me with that familiar touch of blue, I found myself spread out on the floor in the living room with Jasmine standing over me, her arms anchored against her waist and glaring at my confused figure on the floor.

—— locked chapter ——
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