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Chapter 29 ~29 ~
Word Count: 1601    |    Released on: 19/02/2022

Ryder's POV

I took Jasmine to this really expensive restaurant in town to have dinner even though I never planned for any of it. All i had to do was send a quick message to Simon telling him what I needed him to do and he made the reservation without questioning.

One of the things I loved about him, he doesn't ask questions unless it has to do with my health, other than that, he keeps his opinion to himself and I bet this was one of those times.

He may be loyal to my parent, he also cares about me even though he never shows it which is totally fine by me.

We arrived at the place and was led to our table and we got seated. I told Jasmine she could order for anything she liked on the menu even though the price looked really ridiculous.

She seemed hesitant at first, but after much persuasion, she finally relaxed and ordered us some dishes at last.

I kept looking at the clock the entire time, my mind drifting back to Jaden at least, once every five minutes just thinking how lonely it must be for him being at home alone.

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