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Chapter 4 ~4 ~

Word Count: 1146    |    Released on: 10/11/2021

aught their attention so badly. I quickly tu

d into the cafeteria with none other than my sister Jasmine latched onto

ey were headed str


side lip coiled up in a half smirk a

lip ring slightly before letting out that devilish smirk and reached o


e and he took the empty seat opposite min

et again. Jaden" Ryder

of the

before I could reply him.

t me and then back at Jasmine and f

k are you doing with my sister and

ago and am sure he has no idea we are even related beca


she wants but he can't fool me and my

very much untouched while he was busy typing on his ph

nd struggling to get Jasmine attention w

y" He muttered at her and sh

really nice" he

she knows exactly

ng while I just tried my very best not to sco

ecause for some unknown reasons. I feel totally uncomfortable seat

eople. In fact, I have never reacted to a

Ryder di

the tattoo peeking from the collar of h

hat that s

ven curiou

r a moment and now everyone is talking an

Ryder. Where did

spond, still busy on his phone. His brow was deep in

. Trying to get his attention. I

y looked back at Jasmine with confu

k you crawled out from but I

smine shoes made contact with m

her and she glare

going on between us. And showed him the

l fuck is wron

Ryder. What my brother meant to ask is

gh. In Oklahoma"

ll sounded like

state tour soon but my mom insist I finis

re in

ddenly curious and I

call us the

e and popped out a photograph of he a

to Oliver who quickly pushed it ove

I was. Only difference is, he is upset becaus

omething. Because anytime I open my mouth to

this era of young, dumb and broke ass, drugged induced generation of musicians"

and have fun. At least you will get to live out your dr


" Said Ryde

esk and faced the other side

our seat with her tray of food and placed it beside

y b

half heartily wi

er territory against a possible threat. Funny thing

a curious look.

er. And

den's gi

ised a brow at me at her st

. I must say, you two

e a sideways glance. "Did you hear that? He said we

entally at her word. She can keep

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