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Chapter 4 ~4 ~
Words Count: 1146    |    Released on:10/11/2021


I couldn't help but wonder what could have caught their attention so badly. I quickly turned around on my butt and looked behind me.

Turns out, dark messy hair and ripped jean from earlier had just strolled into the cafeteria with none other than my sister Jasmine latched onto his arm like he is the only lifejacket in the middle of a sinking ship.

Funny thing is, they were headed straight for our table.


Ryder was looking straight at me. His side lip coiled up in a half smirk as his eyes zeroed in on me completely.

Then as if he got the confirmation he was looking for, he bite at his lip ring slightly before letting out that devilish smirk and reached out a hand to brush off a few strains of hair away from his left brow..

Fuck me!

Jasmine and Ryder strode over to our table and he took the empty seat opposite mine with Jasmine still huddled by his side.

"Whoa, looks like we meet again. Jaden" Ryder said. Smiling up at me.

Speak of the devil.

Jasmine head snapped at him before I could reply him. "You already met my brother?"

I watched him take a quick glance at me and then back at Jasmine and fake gasped. "Jaden is your brother?"

"Yes we are siblings. What the fuck are you doing with my sister and don't tell me it's a coincidence"

"Stop yelling at him Jaden. Ryder and I just met a while ago and am sure he has no idea we are even related because I was the one that offered to help him find his way"

"I see"

Jasmine can believe whatever the hell she wants but he can't fool me and my instinct still don't trust or like him.

Ryder was seating in front of me. His fruit lunch still very much untouched while he was busy typing on his phone not giving much thought into the group conversation.

Oliver was finally awake at this point and struggling to get Jasmine attention who seem completed infuriated with Ryder.

"Hey Jasmine. You look lovely" He muttered at her and she only raised a brow at him.

"I mean you look really nice" he said sheepishly.

"Oh come on Oli, she knows exactly what you mean man"

Noah had interjected. Nathan burst out laughing while I just tried my very best not to scoff at how lame he was acting around my sister.

I was too pissed to care about anything else at that very moment because for some unknown reasons. I feel totally uncomfortable seating in the same table with Ryder and I can't even pretend about it.

Normally, I'm not like this around most people. In fact, I have never reacted to anyone in this manner until he showed up.

Why was Ryder different?.

I glance at him for a second and noticed the tattoo peeking from the collar of his Tee. They looked like Arabic marking.

I wonder what that symbol meant.

Why am I even curious about it?

I lost track of the group conversation for a moment and now everyone is talking and breathing Ryder like a fucking addiction.

"What about you Ryder. Where did you come from?"

Noah had turned to Ryder expectedly but he did not respond, still busy on his phone. His brow was deep in concentration as he continued to type with his phone.

Jasmine cleared her throat loudly. Trying to get his attention. I couldn't help but snort out loud.

"Sorry what did you say?" He finally looked back at Jasmine with confusion written all over his features.

"She just asked where the fuck you crawled out from but I doubt if you heard any of it"

I yelped in pain when I felt Jasmine shoes made contact with my feet hard from under the table.

I looked back at her and she glared at me in return.

I heard Ryder chuckled at the exchange going on between us. And showed him the middle finger. And he smiled even wider.

What the actual fuck is wrong with this guy.

"Sorry about the wrong choice of word Ryder. What my brother meant to ask is which state did you transferred from?"

"From Emerald High. In Oklahoma" he said shortly.

That sure as hell sounded like OK. Hell. Maa.

"My bandmates and I are about to go on our state tour soon but my mom insist I finish high school before I do" Ryder explained.

"You are in a band?"

Nathan had asked. Suddenly curious and I just rolled my eyes.

"Yes. They call us the Killertune"

He switched on the screen of his phone and popped out a photograph of he and his band mates and passed to Nathan.

"Cool" he said with a nod and passed to Oliver who quickly pushed it over to Noah without even looking at it.

I bet he is just as pissed at Ryder as much as I was. Only difference is, he is upset because of Jasmine and me?_I have no idea as to why.

Maybe I just need to get my head checked or something. Because anytime I open my mouth to say something to him, it just comes out wrong.

"Well, I think I like your mom very much. Everyone needs education especially in this era of young, dumb and broke ass, drugged induced generation of musicians" I rambled on and jasmine gave me the dead glare and I just shrugged and shut up.

"Well, congratulations man. You are gonna go out there and have fun. At least you will get to live out your dream" Nathan had told him with a proud look on his face.

Oh please.

"Yeah right" Said Ryder with a nod.

I just slouched back on my desk and faced the other side. My appetite for food gone.

Everyone was still talking when Tia walked over to our seat with her tray of food and placed it beside mine before giving me a quick kiss across the cheek.

"Hey babe"

"Hey" I replied half heartily with a small smile.

She usually goes all PDA on me when she is marking her territory against a possible threat. Funny thing is, there is none in sight currently. Only a nuisance.

Tia gave Ryder a curious look. "Who are you?"

"I'm Ryder. And you are?"

"Tia. Jaden's girlfriend".

Everyone just turned and raised a brow at me at her statement and I just shrugged.

"Nice to meet you Tia. I must say, you two look perfect together"

Tia smile grew a bit wider as she turned and gave me a sideways glance. "Did you hear that? He said we look good together even though you think otherwise"

I couldn't help but roll my eyes mentally at her word. She can keep flattering herself for all I care.

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