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Chapter 10 ~10 ~
Words Count: 1203    |    Released on:18/11/2021


I sat at my usual spot the next day in class but couldn't stop staring at the empty desk before me. Ryder didn't show up in class today and am kind of wondering why. He practically ran out of the pub we were at last night after he got some call in his phone.

I just hope everything is alright with him and hasn't been kicked out of his band or something but then again who knows. I don't even know why am worried about the guy when it's really none of my business.

Pushing the thought of Ryder out of my head, I tried to focus more on what Mrs. Steward was saying as I leaned forward slightly and began to scribble words into my note for safe keeping.

An hour later, Class finally came to an end and I quickly stowed my writing materials away and was about to make my way out of the class when I heard my name slipped out of Mrs. Steward mouth and stopped in my next hasty step.

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