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Chapter 56 ~56 ~
Word Count: 1775    |    Released on: 21/04/2022

Ryder's POV


I sat down on the bed with my feet dangling over to the floor. A man dressed in a white lab coat that was obviously my doctor stood before me, with both his brows kneaded deep in concentration as he stared down at the clipboard in his hands, while murmuring incoherent words under his breath.

Counting from one to ten in my head, I cleared my throat slightly, gaining his attention at last. Raising a single brow at him, I carefully folded my arms across my chest, careful not to press heavily on the tender scar around there.

"Am I free to leave or not doctor" I hope he says yes because I need to get out of here before tomorrow. The final tournament is holding tomorrow and I don't want to miss it. I have to be there for my team and a particular golden hair captain of course. I just need to get the doctor's approval and get out of here for good.

He stared at me for a split second with twitching eyeballs before nodding at me. "According to the record gotten from the monitor this past week,your heart rate is back to normal and your wound are healing perfectly well, so yeah, you're free to go home"

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