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Chapter 31 Visit to Altermor: Part VI
Word Count: 2347    |    Released on: 10/10/2021

Dylan and Lizha walked side by side, heading towards the castle exit.

"I didn't see your husband at breakfast time..."

"Fortunately today I was able to have my breakfast alone. That delinquent is discussing important matters about the Promor empire and the Altermor Kingdom. So it looks like they'll be discussing it until lunchtime... what is good... ."

"Hmmm... I see... and how are you guys in bed?" asked Lizha, with an air of curiosity.

Dylan stopped walking and stared at her.

"What are you talking about?" Dylan asked hee.

Lizha stopped and crossed her arms.

"You know very well what I'm talking about... you slept together yesterday, didn't you?"

Dylan looked at her completely dumbfounded and started walking again, pretending he hadn't heard any of this.

"Dylan... Dylan... are you already liking the emperor's son?" Lizha, started walking again, following Dylan.

"Of course not… you know we both are…" Dylan paused, looking around suspiciously.

After all, they were in an unknown castle.

"You know very well what is happening between us..."

"Hmmm... I know..."

Finally they walked through the main door and out got out the castle.

"When was the last time you guys went to bed?"

Dylan turned and looked at her, making a face like he was trying to figure out what her problem was.

Lizha looked away.

"The last time was at Duke of Moncher's mansion... I told you..."

"Hmmm... and what about yesterday?"

"Yesterday what?" Dylan looked at Lizha, totally confused.

"You guys didn't...?" Lizha cracked a smile.

Dylan sighed and looked away.

"We just exchanged a few kisses during the bath…" Dylan replied calmly.

Huh... he didn't lie..., thought Lizha.

"What a very passionate couple..." said Lizha, in a teasing way.

Dylan shook his head.

"What a very passionate couple what? You know what? I'm going for a walk inside the maze. Bentley brought me a message from Archie just before breakfast saying I could go in there... so see you... Wait for me here…” Dylan said, walking towards the maze.

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