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Chapter 26 Visit to Altermor
Word Count: 2100    |    Released on: 05/10/2021

He kept his hands still covering his face.

"Dylan…" he whispered.

Suddenly he started to hear someone calling him.

God… I'm so in love I can hear his voice, Archie thought.

He continued to hear Dylan's voice shouting his name.

Archie lowered his hands.

That's not in my head, he thought.

He opened the window and saw Dylan running towards the carriage.


Dylan ran as he lifted his dress to his ankles level.

"Dylan…" Archie's heart pounded.

Archie quickly poked his head out the window.

"STOP THE CARRIAGE," he shouted.

The carriage stopped, Archie quickly opened the door and ran towards Dylan.

Dylan stopped when he saw Archie running towards him.

He bent his body slightly, resting his hands on his hips.

"I've never run so much in my life..." he took a deep breath.

Finally Archie caught up with him.

Dylan stood up, "I've already made up my mind... I..."

Archie suddenly grabbed Dylan by his cheeks and kissed his lips.

"Hmmm," Dylan was dumbfounded and grabbed his wrists.

Lizha was leaving the castle.

"Wow… I didn't see it coming…" she said, seeing Dylan and Archie kissing.

She opened a smile upon seeing that scene.

"Lady Lizha... where are the bags going?" asked one of the two servants who accompanied her.

Lizha snapped back to reality, "Ah... in that carriage..." Lizha pointed to the carriage that was coming up behind Archie's.

"Yes ma'am!" said the servants simultaneously.

Then she continued walking, following them, towards the carriage reserved for the personal escorts of the Archie Seanford's couple.

As she walked, Lizha watched Archie walk away from Dylan.

"Okay… I've already agreed to indulge your carnal desires… but you don't need to do that kind of act in public…" Dylan replied, after Archie turned away from him.

Archie stood there silently looking at him.

—— locked chapter ——
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