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Chapter 2 The past Hurts

Word Count: 2585    |    Released on: 18/08/2021

"Who are you?" Dylan looked at him up and down.

The person he had aimed the sword at was a man. He was Caucasian, weard a nightshirt, pants and a pair of boots.

"Are you in a position to ask something?" he looked at the sword he wielded.

Suddenly two men appeared behind the man.

"Watch out!" Dylan pulled him of the way by his arm.

Dylan got into a sword fight with the two men.

"Huh! I won't be outdone!" yelled the man Dylan saved.

The man also joined the fight.

Suddenly Dylan's sword dropped to the ground, he turned back and looked at the sword.

Dylan's opponent attacked him with the sword, he dodged and kneed the man in the arm.

The sword dropped and Dylan kicked the man in the abdomen.

The man took a few steps back, got in a bad way and fell out of the window.

Dylan ran to the window and took a peek.

"Sorry," he saw the man on the floor writhe in pain.

Dylan's hood dropped.

The man he saved turned back and looked at him.

Is a woman! he wondered.

"Don't take your eyes off your opponent!" the opponent was attacking the man Dylan saved.

Dylan turned back and saw the man about to get hit.

"Watch out!" he shout.

The man looked straight ahead, hit his opponent's hand and the sword fell.

He kicked his opponent in the face, the opponent fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

Lizha left the room, "What is that noise?" she ran he hands over the eyes.

Suddenly other people started coming out of the rooms.

Dylan got close to Lizha, "You stay here!"

"Dylan!" Lizha looked at him up and down, "What are you doing with that sword?"

"There are others down there. You stay here."

Dylan left running.

"Hey! Lady, I'll go with you!" The man was tying the opponent's hands.

"Who are you?" Lizha looked at the man.

The man finally finished tying up his opponent.

"I'm a friend," he walked through her.

Dylan bounded up the stairs.

The man caught up with Dylan and saw her jumping down the stairs. she a woman?

Dylan jumped up, grabbed a chandelier, and kicked one of the looters in the tavern's restaurant.

Dylan dropped onto a table and looked around.

The restaurant was all vandalized and the things of value had all been looted.

Suddenly two men attacked Dylan simultaneously, Dylan got into a sword fight between them.

His ally stopped in the middle of the stairs and looked around.


"Are you going to stand there and watch?" Dylan asked him as he fought.

Suddenly the ally felt a presence of someone coming from behind and elbowed the person.

The enemy fell and rolled down the stairs.

The ally suddenly sensed the presence of more people behind him, he turned back and entered into a sword fight with the two enemies.

"How many are you anyway?" He was stepping back down the stairs.

Dylan jumped up and grabbed the chandelier and leapt onto the bar counter. His enemies followed him. He started kicking bottles at them, the man were hit.

The ally burst out laughing, "Wow!"

Suddenly the male guests of the tavern began to run down stairs.


Guests started attacking the intruders, they threw things and more things at them.

"Guys! Let's go!" shouted one of the enemies heading towards the main door.

All other enemies fled. Finally everyone fled.

The guests began to celebrate, hugging and shaking hands.

Dylan's ally got close to him.

"Good fight!" he cracked a smile and held out his hand.

Dylan stared at him and could see the man had green eyes, black hair and was very handsome.

"Thanks" Dylan jumped from the counter to the floor.

"Huh! But I wanted to help you," he turned back.

" need," Dylan pulled the hood back over his head.

"Archie," the man held out his hand.

"Dylan," he returned in greeting.

They stood there looking at each other for few seconds, suddenly they began to hear someone in the group of guests crying.

Dylan walked out of there and headed towards the group of people.

He saw a man kneeling on the floor crying.

"What is it?"

The man continued to cry.

Archie approached the huddle, "You own the tavern don't you?"

The man nodded.

"Our tavern has suffered from looters often," said one of the servants.

"I thought with the end of the war we would be free of the looters," the tavern owner sobbed, "having the tavern on the border of two enemy kingdoms is not easy, we are easy targets for looters," the man continued to cry, "no lords provide us with aid, whether the kingdom of Greavaria or the Promor Empire... no one," he ran a hand over his eyes.

Archie and Dylan looked away.

"Dylan?" Lizha looked around looking for Dylan, "Dylan...where are you?"

"I m here!" Dylan raised his arm.

Lizha found him and I gave him a hug.

"Stop getting into trouble..."

Dylan started running his hand over Lizha's head, "I'll try..."

"Now what do we do?" Lizha looked around.

Dylan got away from her.

"Gentlemen and ladies... anyone who can help join me. Let's try to organize what we can here at the Tavern."

"Miss Dylan..." Theodore entered the middle of the group.

"Theodore?" Dylan cracked a smile.

"Are you alright?"

Dylan nodded.

"And this sword?" Theodore looked at the sword Dylan held in his hand.

Dylan ran a hand over the head, "You came in a good time" Dylan dropped the subject, "give two hundred gold coins to the owner of the Tavern."

Everyone looked at Dylan.

Is she a noblewoman? Archie wondered.

"Miss..." Theodore stared at Dylan intently.

Dylan approached Theodore and whispered in his ear, "This tavern often suffers from looters because it's in the middle of Greavaria and Promor," he got away and broke into a smile.

Theodore sighed, went to where the owner of the Tavern was and gave him a bag of coins.

The man received the bag with gleams in his eyes.

"I don't know how I can thank you for your help, miss."

Dylan forced a smile, "You're welcome."

What's wrong with that woman's voice... isn't it too heavy for a woman? Archie wondered.

"So...let's help? Everyone's breakfast will be paid by me!" Dylan said excitedly.

Everyone started to celebrate.

Everyone began to clean up the mess the looters had made.

The dawn passed and at six in the morning they managed to fix the tavern.

Lizha ran a hand over her face.

Dylan got close to her, "Are you fine...? You should not try too hard."

Lizha cracked a smile, "It's nothing. I'm just not used to hard work."

"I understand..."

Suddenly the lord of the tavern got close and thanked everyone for their help. He asked the guests to return to their rooms, because after an hour they would have breakfast.

Everyone celebrated then went back to their rooms.

Dylan and Lizha returned to their room. Dylan threw himself on the bed, "Damn looters..."

Lizha started to stretch herself.

"I'm glad we are leaving this place after breakfast."

"Yes... But I have to do something about this tavern..."

Lizha looked at him, "Do not get involved in these things Dylan..."

"I can not stand to see human suffering, especially for things related to the realm I come from."

"I see! But take it easy."

Dylan cracked a smile.

"I m going to prepare your bath..."

The morning passed, Dylan and Lizha got ready and packed their things.

Finally they went down to the restaurant, both carrying their luggage. Theodore went to meet them and took their luggages.

Lizha went to a table and Dylan went to reception to return the room key.

Then she went to the table where Lizha was, pulled out a chair and sat down.

Lizha was already eating her breakfast.

Dylan poured the milk into the cup and reached for a piece of bread.

Suddenly someone appeared at the foot of their table.

"May I?"

Dylan lifted his head and saw Archie. Dylan and Lizha stared at each other.

"Yes. Please," Dylan pointed out the chair.

"Thank you!"

Archie pulled out a chair and sat down.

"So... Dylan is it your name, right?"


"I see you are on your way out..." He saw Theodore on the other side cleaning the carriage.


Archie grinned, "I'll go after I have breakfast too... Or at least I should," he grinned goofily.

Dylan frowned.

Archie looked at the window and suddenly got up all confused.

"Have a safe trip," he got up quickly and started walking quickly towards the stairs.

Suddenly three men entered the tavern. Everyone looked at them.

One of them was noble and two appeared to be royal knights.

They looked around.


Archie stopped in the middle of the stairs and turned back slowly.

"Ian..." he cracked a smile and waved.

The man went to meet Archie.

The man was white, with black hair, wore a white tunic, black trousers, a pair of black boots and carried a sword at his waist.

The tavern owner went to meet one of the knights.

"Ian... I m so happy in seeing you," Archie forced a smile.

"What are you still doing here? You should have been back two days...two days!"

Archie looked away and ran a hand over his head.

"It's just that so many things happened, you know..." He forced a smile.

"How long will you run away from your responsibilities?" Ian stared at him.

Archie rolled his eyes.

"You found me... what else is missing?"

Ian shook his head.


The guards were getting close.

"What room were you in?"

Archie looked away, "Twelve?"

Ian glared at him.

The guards came to their feet.

"Take the bag from..." Ian paused.

Archie stared at him.

"Take his luggage. Room twelve."

The men nodded and went upstairs.

"Let's go to the carriage."

"But I have not had my breakfast yet..."

Ian stared at him.

"Alright! Alright!" He started to go downstairs.

Ian followed him.

Dylan and Archie's eyes met. Archie cracked a smile and waved.

Dylan looked away.

Finally Archie and Ian left the tavern.

Archie looked around and sighed.

He got into the carriage and then Ian.

Archie sat up and looked out the window.

"How long did you think you would run away from the Empire?"

Archie sighed, "I do not really want to go back to Promor. I'm glad the war is over... but I did not want to go back... Not yet."

"I completely understand."

"Did dad at least say why he wanted me to get back to the Empire as soon as possible?"

Ian looked away, "I don't know."

Archie looked at him and saw that Ian had looked away.

"Hey! Hey! You know something do not you?"

"I do not know."

"I know you very well Ian. What do you know?

"You will know when you arrive."

Archie sighed and relaxed back against the seat.

"What a wonderful best friend you are..." he looked out the window.

Suddenly the carriage door were knocked.

"Yes," Ian replied.

The door was opened.

"Excuse me," one of the knights set Archie's luggage on the floor.

Archie turned away and saw Dylan outside, stroking her carriage's horse.

Ian looked at him, noticed that Archie was looking somewhere and he looked at the place Archie were staring.

The carriage door was closed.

"Did you sleep with her?"

Archie stared at him, "What kind of man do you think I am?"

"A heartthrob?"

Archie looked out the window again.

The carriage started to move.

"I don't even know that lady. I was just surprised by the kind of person that woman is... She's so... charismatic. She reminds me of my mother."

Ian looked away.

Dylan and Lizha entered the carriage. Dylan took out a book and began to read. The carriage started to move.

Lizha started looking out the window.

"Do you think that man was a bandit?" asked Lizha.

"What man are you talking about?" Dylan continued to read.

"That man...Archie?"

" He did not look like a bandit. He wielded a good sword. To me he looked like a nobleman running away from his responsibilities. The way he is...

He must have gotten someone pregnant," he was still focused on the book.

"What an evil person you are!" Lizha continued to look out the window.

The day passed. Archie was getting back to Promor Empire and Dylan was getting back to Kingdom of Greavaria.

Archie was looking out the window. They passed through the Capital Empire gate.

"This place brings me so many memories..."

"It's been two years since you were last here."


They entered in the capital of the Promor Empire.

Archie looked around.

"Nothing have changed."

On the left side there was a field and on the right side the city for the clergy.

They continued, they crossed the bridge and below it was a river of crystal blue water. They continued, they reached the other side of the bridge, they passed the central square. On the sides of the central square there was the place for the residence of the nobility. They moved on, they crossed the fourth wall and finally reached the area where the cathedral and the Administration house were located. They continued onward and finally passed the fifth wall.

Archie saw the castle.

"Home sweet home," he said.

The gate was opened and they went through.

After five minutes they arrived at the main castle gate. The carriage stopped, then Archie and Ian got out of the carriage.

Archie looked around.

"Shall we go?" asked Ian.

Archie nodded.

The main entrance gate opened and they entered.

They went left, towards the throne room.

Archie and Ian walked down the hall. On the sides of the corridor were knights on duty.

Finally they reached the foot of the throne room.

The door opened and they entered.

"I announce the entry of Archie Seanford the first son of Emperor Daniel Seanford Emperor of the Promor empiEm, and the entry of his escort Ian Morris," a man announced the entry of both.

Both approached the throne and knelt.

"Father! I returned to the Empire as you ordered," Archie said.

"Stand up!"

Archie stood up and looked straight ahead.

In front of him was a middle aged white man, he had green eyes, black hair partially gray. The man was slightly handsome, with a neatly trimmed beard. He wore a red cloak over a white tunic, brown trousers and brown boots. He had a crown on his head. On the left side was an extremely beautiful lady. She was white, with red hair, covered in jewels and had a crown on her head. She was wearing a red dress a little too bold. On the emperor's right side was an empty chair and beside it sat a young red-haired boy with green eyes.

At the far end of the sides were the royal Knights.

"I'm glad you came back as soon as I ordered you to do so. Go to your chamber. Later there will be a feast to commemorate your return," said the emperor.

"Thank you father," Archie bowed.

Ian got up and bowed.

Both left the throne room

They were heading towards the royal chambers.

"How do you feel coming home?"

"I do not know..." he looked out the window.

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