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Chapter 2 The past Hurts

Word Count: 2585    |    Released on: 18/08/2021

Dylan looked at

was a man. He was Caucasian, weard a

ask something?" he looke

men appeared

n pulled him of t

a sword fight w

utdone!" yelled th

so joined

ed to the ground, he turned

m with the sword, he dodged

nd Dylan kicked the

back, got in a bad way an

the window an

he man on the flo

hood d

d turned back a

an! he w

r opponent!" the opponent was

and saw the man

out!" h

ahead, hit his opponent'

face, the opponent fell to the

at is that noise?" she r

ple started coming

e to Lizha, "Y

im up and down, "What are

rs down there.

left r

h you!" The man was tyi

" Lizha looke

finished tying

d," he walke

nded up t

h Dylan and saw her j she

elier, and kicked one of the loo

nto a table and

dalized and the things of

n simultaneously, Dylan got in

he middle of the stai


there and watch?" Dyla

ence of someone coming from b

and rolled do

e people behind him, he turned back and ente

way?" He was stepping

t onto the bar counter. His enemies followed him. H

rst out lau

sts of the tavern beg


e intruders, they threw thi

one of the enemies headi

es fled. Finall

celebrate, hugging

ly got clo

racked a smile and

see the man had green eyes, bl

mped from the cou

ed to help you,"

lan pulled the hood

e man held o

returned i

or few seconds, suddenly they began to h

here and headed towar

neeling on the

t is


e huddle, "You own t

an no

d from looters often,"

the border of two enemy kingdoms is not easy, we are easy targets for looters," the man continued to cry, "no lord

d Dylan l

ound looking for Dylan,

Dylan rais

him and I ga

ing into t

his hand over Lizha'

we do?" Lizha

t away f

can help join me. Let's try to organ

odore entered the m

Dylan crac

ou alr

n no

ore looked at the sword

good time" Dylan dropped the subject, "give two


lewoman? Arc

dore stared at

vern often suffers from looters because it's in the middle o

e the owner of the Tavern was

the bag with gl

I can thank you fo

a smile, "You

s voice... isn't it too heavy

s breakfast will be paid by

tarted to

lean up the mess th

ix in the morning they m

a hand ove

"Are you fine...? You

"It's nothing. I'm just


ryone for their help. He asked the guests to return to th

ted then went ba

heir room. Dylan threw himsel

ed to stret

leaving this plac

to do something a

Do not get involved in

ffering, especially for things r

But take


to prepare

an and Lizha got ready

, both carrying their luggage. Theodore

d Dylan went to receptio

e where Lizha was, pulled

eady eating h

into the cup and reach

appeared at the f


saw Archie. Dylan and Li

Dylan pointed

nk y

out a chair

is it your


..." He saw Theodore on the ot


have breakfast too... Or at lea

n fr

window and suddenly

p quickly and started walkin

tered the tavern. Eve

le and two appeared



middle of the stairs a

cracked a sm

ent to me

white tunic, black trousers, a pair of bl

went to meet on

y in seeing you," A

here? You should have been

ay and ran a han

things happened, you kno

ay from your responsibili


... what else

ook hi


were gett

om were

oked away

ared a

came to t

ag from..."


luggage. R

ded and wen

to the c

ot had my bre

ared a

t!" He started t


yes met. Archie crac


e and Ian lef

ked around

the carriage

and looked o

ink you would run aw

back to Promor. I'm glad the war is over...

etely un

wanted me to get back to th

away, "I

im and saw that Ia

know somethin


ry well Ian. W

know when

d relaxed back a

friend you are..." he

carriage door

Ian r

or was

e knights set Archie's

aw Dylan outside, stroki

ie was looking somewhere and he look

age door

sleep w

m, "What kind of ma


ed out the

age start

ed by the kind of person that woman is... She's


. Dylan took out a book and began to

d looking ou

at man was a ban

alking about?" Dyla


d a good sword. To me he looked like a nobleman run

one pregnant," he was st

u are!" Lizha continued

ack to Promor Empire and Dylan was g

window. They passed throu

ings me so man

years since you


the capital of t


g have

a field and on the right si

assed the central square. On the sides of the central square there was the place for the residence of the nobility. They moved on, they crossed the fourt

saw the

et home,"

pened and they

in castle gate. The carriage stopped, the


e go?" a

ie n

ce gate opened

t, towards th

e hall. On the sides of the c

ched the foot of

ened and th

ror Daniel Seanford Emperor of the Promor empiEm, and the entr

hed the thro

o the Empire as you o


p and looked s

a white tunic, brown trousers and brown boots. He had a crown on his head. On the left side was an extremely beautiful lady. She was white, with red hair, covered in jewels and

the sides were t

do so. Go to your chamber. Later there will be a f

father," Ar

up and

t the th

ng towards the

u feel com

..." he looked



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